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#1529: Included clickable link to archived posting in users list emails
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Comment (by knarf):

 Using a message id is interesting, but has the problem that while message
 ids are generated by most email clients, they are optional. Emails without
 id are perfectly valid, and any mailman modification would have to take
 that into account. That's probably only a minor problem.

 What can be more of a problem is that a message id is user-generated, and
 this way would end up in an URL. We would have to make very sure this is
 properly escaped. I don't want to see URLs like
 valid_stuff at my.evil.domain.overseas on the ET archive - or similar. Also
 this might be not such big of a problem as the lists currently only allow
 known users to post, and others have to go through a filter (me).

 This feature seems to be possible in Mailman 3 - with the only problem
 being that this isn't released yet (in it's third beta). Development is
 visible there, but seems to be slow.

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