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#1743: Reduce number of output files per directory
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Comment (by eschnett):

 Replying to [comment:7 knarf]:
 > Just looking at the diff:
 > - Why is the case '1' excluded fr om the range for

 This is a special case, since {{{ilog(0)}}} is not defined. Put
 differently: We need to create at least 0 subdirectories, numbers smaller
 than 0
 don't make sense.

 > - lines 234 and 235 contain commented code. Is there a reason these
 should stay?

 Leftovers from pre-C99 code -- thanks.

 > - The patch uses strcpy/strcat; it should use strncpy/strncat instead.
 The assert about the length before
 >   isn't enough; asserts can be no-ops, and they wouldn't silence
 warnings as well.

 That's a common misconception. The semantics of {{{strncpy}}} and
 {{{strncat}}} are not what people think. The length argument of
 {{{strncat}}} isn't the available buffer size, and {{{strncpy}}} does not
 always append a {{{NUL}}} character.

 > Style: at first I was put off by the use of a space between a function
 name and the opening parenthesis, which is allowed, but (at least to me)
 unusual for C/C++ code. I later realized that at least in these files this
 usage seems to be common. Well - better to stick to one style than to have
 > (I usually follow: Control statements should have one space between the
 control keyword and opening parenthesis, to distinguish them from function

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