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#1841: GRHydro tracers broken
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Comment (by I.Hawke@…):

 This is not the only problem with tracers, as I've since found.

 Currently all reconstruction of tracers is done on the primitive
 variables, but the conserved are never updated. This can be fixed by

   if (evolve_tracer .ne. 0) then
     call Prim2ConservativeTracer(CCTK_PASS_FTOF)
   end if

 at the end of GRHydro_Reconstruct.F90, but *only* if the use_cxx_code
 parameter is set to no.

 To truly fix tracers, the C++ version GRHydro_Reconstruct.cc will also
 need a P2C_Tracer routine, which needs calling at the end.

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