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#1832: Rewrite git handling in Formaline
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Comment (by anonymous):

 - Formaline used the SILENT variable before. We can change this, but that
 wasn't the point of this rewrite.

 - Yes, it is necessary to do such a size check. "git gc" will perform a
 garbage collection every time you run it. It also isn't run automatically.

 - The individual steps are separated by blank lines and described via a
 brief comment. Each step uses almost all of the "configuration variables"
 that are passed in to the script, namely ($git_cmd, $git_repo,
 $git_master_repo, $git_local_repo, $git_central_repo, $git_root,
 $build_id, $config_id). Creating subroutines and passing these variables
 probably wouldn't help with clarity.

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