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#1802: move AEIThorns into git repositories
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Comment (by rhaas):

 Ah, I was not quite thinking straight. I had written my comment as if we
 were actually transitioning the AEIThorns arrangement but instead we are
 spreading the individual thorns around into other repositories.

 In this case I think that the "new" thorns from AEIThorns only need to
 appear in their target repositories in branches to correspond to releases
 starting from the upcoming one. SIt will not be possible anyway to update
 a thornlist by just bumping its ET_BRANCH define at the beginning since
 that updated thornlist would try to check out a branch of the svn
 AEIThorns that does not exist.

 One could consider having the new AEIThorns thorns appear in branches of
 the target repo that correspond to old  releases. If they did then there
 would indeed be the situation that an old thornlist would ask for (eg.)
 ET_2015_05 in both the svn AEIThorn and EinsteinAnalysis and would show
 for example two ADMMass thorns (though only one would appear in a CHECKOUT
 statement and be used by Cactus). A "new" thornlist could then be used to
 transparently go back to an older release, albeit with ADMMass staying in
 EinsteinAnalysis and not showing up in AEIThorns. This can be useful for
 regression analysis and we did have user reports about thorns moving
 between arrangements causing issues. It would be rather coarse grained
 regression stepping though since one can only step in increments of a
 release, so the usefulness is not so great.

 Even with changing existing branches though, an old thornlist will not be
 updatable by just changing the ET_BRANCH define, rather a new thornlist
 would be downgradable in this manner.

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