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#1802: move AEIThorns into git repositories
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 Component:  EinsteinToolkit thorn  |     Version:  development version                                            
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Comment (by knarf):

 Replying to [comment:8 rhaas]:
 > One could consider having the new AEIThorns thorns appear in branches of
 the target repo that correspond to old  releases. If they did then there
 would indeed be the situation that an old thornlist would ask for (eg.)
 ET_2015_05 in both the svn AEIThorn and EinsteinAnalysis and would show
 for example two ADMMass thorns (though only one would appear in a CHECKOUT
 statement and be used by Cactus).

 Assuming the svn version would to be used (otherwise, why get it), then
 the 'other' version of the thorn would be only somewhere inside 'repos',
 which we don't expect users to traverse anyway. 'repos' is just an
 unfortunate workaround due to the inability to do partial checkouts.

 > Even with changing existing branches though, an old thornlist will not
 be updatable by just changing the ET_BRANCH define, rather a new thornlist
 would be downgradable in this manner.

 Yes. What I was thinking of was the possibility of the svn server going
 away completely. If that would happen, we would need to change our old
 release thornlists to point to the new thorn-wise branches in git, instead
 of a cleaner repository-wide release branch. Of course, then we could do
 the actual merge as well.

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