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#1949: provide floating branch to "current release" and links to it
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Comment (by rhaas):

 Barry suggests using an actual git workflow for this. As far as I can
 understand this gives a release branch (the master branch in the example
 provided in
 that would look a bit like the "release" branch in the "git-apply" example
 above, only that the updates are done via git merges. Conflicting commits
 in release and development are resolved by merging the release branch back
 into development (and then most likely ignoring the release half of the
 merge). Hotfixes on the release branch (master) are merged back into the
 development branch
 workflows/gitflow-workflow/05.svg) and again if the release branch
 required a different fix for the issue than the development branch, then
 the release branch half would be dropped in the merge.

 The hotfix issue is interesting for us since typically we will find a bug
 in the release code while reworking a section of code to add a new
 feature. This often means that the fix for the bug in the development
 branch (with half a feature added or due to whitespace changes of various
 sorts) does not apply to the release branch so we have to provide a
 separate fix for the release branch.

 So the gitflow workflow would do what we want and would only require a
 modest amount of extra work during the release cycle (and we are free I
 guess to call our branches "release", "master", "ET_2016_05" rather than
 "master", "develop", "ET_2015_05" I guess).

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