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#1995: McLachlan constraint tests fail
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Comment (by wolfgang.kastaun@…):

 Maybe related: I just found huge constraint violations in a BNS
 simulation. This already affects the initial data, and the run behaves
 pretty normal otherwise, so I assume it is only in the calculation of the
 constraints. The momentum constraints differ, but only by 10% or so.
 The maximum Hamiltonian constraint violation corresponds to around 16 pi
 times the maximum mass density. This could mean that either the matter
 terms are not added or added twice or that the spacetime part is added
 twice. The latter would not be that obvious in a vacuum simulation, only a
 factor 2. How big was the difference for the failed tests?

 I am using the Payne release compiled with 17.0.1, and use ML_CCZ4 for
 spacetime evolution.

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