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#2106: Make ParseFile.c more robust
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Comment (by rhaas):

 Not sure how good that actually is

 1. {{{*filesize}}} does not need to be set to anything in case of failures
 since we call {{{CCTK_Error}}} anyway. Not that it is a bad idea to set to
 an "invalid" value in that case, though maybe "-1" and making
 {{{filesize}}} a {{{long int *}}} would be better since the file could
 actually be empty.
 2. this it still seems to compare the result of ftell to {{{<0}}} instead
 of the documented value of {{{-1}}}. While I strongly doubt that in this
 particular way of coding this comparison, there will be a problem (since
 it would require that the standard uses another negative value, other than
 -1, to indicate a non-error return of ftell) I do not quite see why we
 would deliberately test for a condition that is (at least in principle
 even if not in practise) different from the one documented.

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