[ET Trac] [Einstein Toolkit] #2135: CAPTCHA on docs.einsteintoolkit.org may stop working soon

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Wed Mar 21 09:34:55 CDT 2018

#2135: CAPTCHA on docs.einsteintoolkit.org may stop working soon
 Reporter:  Roland Haas          |       Type:  defect
   Status:  new                  |   Priority:  major
Milestone:                       |  Component:  EinsteinToolkit website
  Version:  development version  |   Keywords:  docs.einsteintoolkit.org
 Every once in a while, when I forgot to properly log into the wiki an want
 to save a page, I am confronted by a CAPTCHA to prove that I am human.

 A subset of those CAPTCHAs actually look like that attached screenshot, ie
 they seem to indicate that the CAPTCHAs may stop working on 2018-03-31
 which is rather soon.


 I am not sure if this can be fixed by a relatively painless update of a
 plugin or if it will require complete update of the wiki server.

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