[ET Trac] #2549: inlcude FLRWSolver in ET

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Tue Aug 10 16:22:59 CDT 2021

#2549: inlcude FLRWSolver in ET

 Reporter: Roland Haas
   Status: new
  Version: development version
     Type: enhancement
 Priority: major

Comment (by Michele Grasso):

Hi, I am Michele, a PhD student at the Center for Theoretical Physics in Warsaw and ET user. I believe that having the FLRWSolver thorn included in the ET would be extremely useful for all the users interested in cosmology. The thorn has already a place among the main codes for general-relativistic simulations of cosmological structure formation \(see arXiv:2003.08014\). I've used the FLRWSolver in my research on relativistic light propagation and observables extrapolation, see arXiv:2107.06306, and I plan to use the thorn in my future works.

Ticket URL: https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2549/inlcude-flrwsolver-in-et
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