[Users] PunctureTracker.

Bruno Coutinho Mundim bcmsma at astro.rit.edu
Mon Dec 6 10:21:31 CST 2010

It has my vote for including it.


Peter Diener wrote:
> Hi,
> before the Chandrasekhar release I contacted all the authors of the cactus 
> thorn PunctureTracker about potentially include it in the Einstein 
> Toolkit. For those who don't know, this thorn (as it's name implies) 
> tracks the location of the punctures which can then be used to move the 
> mesh refinement regions around. It does so simply by shift-advecting the 
> puncture location. The main advantages of using this instead of tracking 
> the black hole location using the apparent horizon centroid is 1) that
> it doesn't rely on being able to find the apparent horizon and 2) it 
> converts the apparent horizon finder back to being a pure analysis 
> function.
> I'm sending this e-mail now to gauge whether the rest of the Einstein 
> Toolkit community is interested in this capability. We can discuss this on 
> the mailing list and/or telecons.
> Cheers,
>    Peter
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