[Users] Completing GetComponents' transition to GitHub

Eric Seidel eric at eseidel.org
Thu Dec 23 13:25:24 CST 2010

>> So I just looked into this, and it seems that GetComponents is not currently
>> equipped to symlink an entire git repo. This is a silly oversight on my
>> part; I can fix it, but that would require another patch to GetComponents.
>> Another possibility would be to create the 'bin' directory and link
>> GetComponents into bin. Then users could call './bin/GetComponents' or
>> possibly './bin/CRL/GetComponents', the latter would allow for documentation
>> to be linked as well.
> I suggest to do both, to correct the fact that GetComponents cannot
> link whole repositories, and to create and use a "bin" directory in
> Cactus.
I made the necessary modifications to GetComponents in svn to support 
this. I have attached a modified patch to add the git version of 
GetComponents, which I would like to apply to finally complete the 
transition. GetComponents will now live at 
https://github.com/gridaphobe/CRL, and I will add a LaTeX version of the 
documentation shortly so that it can be built with the rest of the 
Cactus documentation.

The transition will be a two step process (assuming you are using the 
development version): the next time you update Cactus, you will get the 
updated thornlist and svn-GetComponents. Then when you run GetComponents 
again, it will add the git version, which will be located in 
Cactus/bin/CRL/GetComponents. This seems to be the most stable process 
to me.

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