[Users] Meeting reminder

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Jul 12 12:55:46 CDT 2010

Meeting minutes:

present were Frank, Erik, Gabriele, Roland, Bruno

Current state of code:
* EOS_Omni is currently defined out in GRHydro/trunk but should be the 
default interface eventually
** Bruno will test the current implementation to see if it passes the 
(old) testsuites. We will use and extend EOS_Omni as needed, then 
abstract the interface for the next release
* there was interest from Jocelyn Read, and Christian Reisswig 
(utilities for waveform generation)

* we would like to provide a sample parameter file for a NINJA/NRAR like run

Summery science article:
* Gabriele has approached Bernhard Schutz about writing a living review 
article on the Einstein Toolkit (mostly possible science)

* no news

Science problem:
* head on collision as test case
* need initial data solver for momentum constraint
* will create an CIGR/XiRel wiki to coordinate this

Einstein Toolkit, Carpet workshops:
* there will be Carpet developer workshop probably on August 26th to 
29th at RIT
** will try to get some contributions from the Enzo developer, 
* there might be a Einstein Toolkit user workshop together with the GCGM 
at GT in October (Roland will look into this)

* regular Einstein Toolkit workshops to present physics/computer-science 
** spring 2012 in Obergurgel by organized by Denis Pollney (possibly)
** February 2011 in Baton Rouge

* we will have some Einstein Toolkit mugs the design of which is not yet 


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