[Users] CarpetIOHDF5: checkpoint initial data

Baiotti Luca baiotti at ile.osaka-u.ac.jp
Sun Jul 18 23:44:15 CDT 2010


I found a minor unexpected behaviour (or at least inaccurate error message) of 
CarpetIOHDF5. When setting among other parameters:

Cactus::terminate          = time 

Cactus::cctk_final_time    = 0.0
IO::checkpoint_on_terminate= yes
IO::checkpoint_ID          = no

the below message is printed:

"INFO (CarpetIOHDF5): Termination checkpoint already dumped as last evolution 
checkpoint at iteration 0"

but no checkpoint is dumped. I would think that the checkpoint should be dumped 
with this choice of parameters, but this is just my point of view. Anyway, the 
info message is wrong.


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