[Users] Meeting reminder

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Jul 19 19:32:03 CDT 2010

Meeting minutes:

present were: Erik, Frank, Ian, Eloisa, Christian, Joshua, Gabrielle,
Bruno, Roland

* contributed code: Frank presented Gabrielle's draft for a set of
requirements that contributed code has to fulfil (to be send out to the
mailing list). In addition to the draft, contributed code will be
required to have written documentation and testsuites. The procedure for
inclusion will be to keep a new code in the development branch to test
it first, then include it in the next release. Decision on inclusion
will be based on a vote by the consortium members. Details to be written
up by Erik. The idea to obtain feedback from users on thorn to
keep/include before each release was suggested.

* citation policy: we will have two levels of citations for code in the
toolkit: a set of citations that we strongly ask to by included in a
paper using the toolkit/thorns and a second set of citations that we
suggest to be included.

* NaN checks in GRHydro: no one was very attached to them, so they will
be removed. Christian will write a small tutorial on how to debug hydro

* Bruno reported that GRHydro + EOS_Omni passes the testsuites

* we still require a production size run using EOS_Omni to finish, after
that EOS_Omni will be part of the next release.


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