[Users] Patch for TwoPunctures

Barry Wardell barry.wardell at aei.mpg.de
Thu May 13 10:51:36 CDT 2010

Hi Roland,

Thanks for reviewing the patch.

On 13/05/2010 17:32, Roland Haas wrote:
> Hello Barry, all,
> Thank you for the patch.
>> 1) When the bare masses are not given as parameters 
>> (give_bare_mass=no), they are calculated at double precision, but the 
>> par_m_plus and par_m_minus parameters are then only set at single 
>> precision.
>> 2) When the bare masses have been calculated, they are printed to 
>> stdout. In some cases, the initial guess for the bare mass is printed 
>> rather than the final calculated bare mass.
> The patch looks good to me. I would likely remove the explicit cast to 
> (double) in the assignment to new_mass since new_mass is CCTK_REAL as 
> are *mp and *mm. The casts to (double) in sprintf and CCTK_VInfo seem 
> like a cautious thing to do in case CCTK_REAL is ever "long double", 
> (since floats are always promoted to double for vararg functions).
Part of this patch removes the explicit cast to double in the assignment 
to new_mass as you suggest. I've just noticed that there is a similar 
cast in the assignment to old_mass which I think should also be removed.


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