[Users] new state of trouble tickets / bug reports

Frank Loeffler knarf at cct.lsu.edu
Wed Feb 9 12:32:18 CST 2011


It is nice to see that the bug tracking system [1] is filling with bug
reports. Obviously we don't like that there are bugs, but it is nice
that they are reported. However, especially with the review policies of
the Cactus and Einstein toolkit it now becomes more and more difficult
to have a good overview of reports which are already have patches and
are only awaiting review.

This is why I now added another state of a ticket: 'review'. It is meant
to indicate that the issue at hand has a potential fix attached and is
now awaiting review. It is now easy to find those reports using a
filter, and corresponding links have been added to the trac home page.

I hope that this helps to speed up the review process in the future.


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