[Users] Meeting minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Feb 14 12:55:05 CST 2011

Present were: Frank, Tanja, Roland, Peter, Ian, Eloisa, Bruno,
Erik, Josh

ET paper:
* please have a look at your assigned section and either work on it or 
let Frank know if you do not have time to do so
* if you have no section assigned, then please still read through the 
paper to see if there is anything obviously missing
* Please see what you can do to get this done. Now.

Visualization scripts:
* please add your own methods, even if it is just "I do what XXX does"
* Ian has a set of Mathematica routines that he uses and that have 
support for the data that (his) simulations produce: HDF5, some ASCII files
** currently used internally at AEI
** will be made public eventually, but no fixed timeframe exists for 
that yet
** if we want to run these remotely on the cluster then we will have to 
check/ask for Mathematica licenses (Erik will do)
** Ian will give a short EVO presentation on the routines next week
* other options are python/plotlib which (hearsay) Christian has been 
using for a while
** would not require commercial software
** more lightweight than Mathematica
** has to be written first (Bruno will have a look, talk to Christian)
* gnuplot/(g)awk/shell
** this is what many of us currently use
** (speaking for GT) these work, but are often very messy since the 
evolved from hacks
* there are two levels of visualization:
** online for a quick overview of what the simulation is doing
** in depth for science/publications
** Erik suggested to have one framework for both

* ET workshop:
* fall user workshop: nothing discussed since Christian was not here
* spring internal workshop at GT: go-ahead from GT, we have to find a 
convenient date though.
** doodle poll: http://doodle.com/ayigys5kv7zzyxna
** topics will be MHD and the EOS (EOS_Omni) with hopefully 
introductions to bring everyone up to speed on MHD and the EOS
** if possible will also present the current state of the visualization
** current possible (as of writing this email) dates are Sat Apr 23rd to 
Wed Apr 27th (incl.) which is the week before the APS April meeting
** if this shrinks to zero we will coarse grain and ask for possible 
weeks, then for days within possible weeks


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