[Users] Meeting minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Tue Jan 11 16:00:57 CST 2011

Meeting minutes:

Present were: Frank, Roland, Peter, Eric, Scott, Erik, Bruno, Christian

status updates of work done over Christmas/New Year

GRHydro (MHD):
* use EOS_Omni instead of the old interface
* fixed some bugs in the divergence cleaner
* race conditions in MHD branch when using OpenMP (static variables in 
GRHydro (hot EOS):
* some debugging
* added OpenMP support
* addressed some issues with Carpet/Hg
* fixed recent PPM bug (affects all versions, but was introduced 
recently into trunk)

* the GetComponents repository has moved to GitHub for good now, the 
copy in subversion will no longer be used

* we will try and move the bug tracker to a generic URL. See discussion 
on Cactus developers mailing list 

* development of the initial data solver will be made somewhat more 
public but still restricted to the core ET people (details to be worked 
out, if you need access please write to Frank Loeffler). We need to 
finish the initial data solver and start working on the paper. We will 
have two papers using this, one paper only on initial data which will 
have a short author list of those who contributed and a second 
publication as part of the general ET code paper.

* we want to begin assigning section for people to write in the general 
ET code paper 


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