[Users] Meeting minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Tue Jul 12 09:52:42 CDT 2011

Meeting minutes:

Present were: Tanja, Roland, Frank, Josh, Bruno, Yosef, Peter, Erik, Eloisa

status of ET paper:
no progress everbody was busy with other things.

fall ET workshop:
* Josh put his draft for a proposal into svn 

Lonestar issues:
* runs with large number of cores (>=72) hang often
* happens to RIT and GT using the simfactory options list (but at least 
in the case of GT our own submission script)
* known to happen (Frank knows)
* happens with git version of Cactus
* GT: when hang occurs then the processes hang in Carpet/Recompose 
(specifically a comm_state routine, I think step) where most processes 
think they are done with a refinement level but some are not yet done 
and wait for more data.
* suspect some MPI related problem
* will try differnt MPI versions and all contact the help desk


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