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Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Wed May 11 11:18:48 CDT 2011

Hello Bruno,

>  a) Its evolution is stopped with Nans around 8.6M. Nans appear to come
>  from the BSSN fields, but still needs further investigation.
Hmm I could evolve the qc0 example in McLachlan. Maybe there are
differences in the parameter file that make the error "obvious".

>  c) When CarpetReduce::weight is output, its values seem strange to me.
>  Most of the domain has 1/2 set. A few points close to the boundary 1/4
>  and the boundaries 0 (physical and ghost). No mask out values inside 
>  AH is shown, ie they still are set to 1/2. These values seem to make
>  more sense to AMR restriction operations.
Are you maybe looking at the z=0 plane? That plane has a weight of 1/2
since only half of the volume of each cell is used when eg. computing
the simulation volume. I have never used CarpetMask myself (but have
written a similar thorn of my own... would have paid to look into Carpet
first I guess :-) )


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