[Users] Meeting minutes (fwd)

Roland Haas rhaas3 at phys44187.physics.gatech.edu
Mon May 9 13:07:24 CDT 2011

Meeting minutes:

Present were: Frank, Peter, Erik, Ian, Eloisa, Josh, Yosef, Bruno, Tanja

ET paper:
* single spinning BH example: runs finished, Peter will add results this
* BBH runs have a parameter file that is ready to submit, Bruno will do
so today
* TOV star was done, can see fundamental mode very easily, higher
harmonics are not easily visible. Need other full GR code result to
compare to (maybe Christian Evan O'Connor's and Ott's GR1D code).
* comsology: figures were missing, have been added since the call
* agree to publish in CQG since the intended audience is numerical

fall workshop:
* target audience is graduate students
* will try to get funding for student travel from funding agencies (Josh)
* topics will include: introduction to BSSN, general relativistic hydro,
MHD, Cactus, Alpaca, VisIt
* possible speakers listed in wiki on ET website
* time: Oct 14th-18th (fall break for LSU GT)
* location: GT or LSU, need room for 25 persons, GT will check if 
lecture hall can be used. LSU has room available.
* accomodation: prefer inexpensive location (since the workshop is rather 
long). Atlanta should have places in the $40/night range which however 
require a commute of about 30-45min.


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