[Users] Cactus-built LAPACK, BLAS giving incorrect results

Kelly, Bernard J. (GSFC-660.0)[UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALTIMORE COUNTY] bernard.j.kelly at nasa.gov
Sat May 28 19:43:23 CDT 2011

That was it! Compiling without "-f66" yields a working set of LAPACK +

Now I have to find out why we were using that -f66 flag in our Cactus
compilations. It's not a flag I'd use in any standalone code.

Thanks, Erik, for spending time on this,


On 5/28/11 6:32 PM, "Erik Schnetter" <schnetter at cct.lsu.edu> wrote:

>On Sat, May 28, 2011 at 8:29 AM, Kelly, Bernard J.
><bernard.j.kelly at nasa.gov> wrote:
>> F77FLAGS = -align -w95 -f66
>I was not able to reproduce the problem.
>The option -f66 may be the culprit. It changes the semantics of DO
>loop so that they are executed at least once, even if the upper bound
>is less than the lower bound. Can you try without?
>Are you using this option both within Cactus and when building
>LAPACK/BLAS stand-alone?
>Erik Schnetter <schnetter at cct.lsu.edu>   http://www.cct.lsu.edu/~eschnett/

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