[Users] questions on CarpetIOASCII

Luca Baiotti baiotti at ile.osaka-u.ac.jp
Sun Oct 9 18:39:27 CDT 2011


I was looking into the param.ccl of CarpetIOASCII (hg version) and found 
some deprecated parameters:

BOOLEAN out3D_ghosts "Output ghost zones (DEPRECATED)"
} "yes"

BOOLEAN out3D_outer_ghosts "Output outer boundary zones (assuming that 
there are nghostzones boundary points (DEPRECATED)"
} "yes"

In what sense are they deprecated? I don't do 3D ASCII output, but I 
think that setting the above parameters to "no" would be better (see 
also below).


BOOLEAN out1D_d "Do output along the diagonal" STEERABLE = ALWAYS
} "yes"

should also default to no, I suggest.

Finally, I would also make the default of:

BOOLEAN output_ghost_points "Output ghost points"
} "yes"

to "no". This would also make the script
work again (see other message about Carpet2ygraph.pl in this mailing list).
Except for debugging, is there any advantage in outputting ghost zones?


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