[Users] simfactory change allocation bug

Ian Hinder ian.hinder at aei.mpg.de
Sat Jan 7 10:06:47 CST 2012

On 6 Jan 2012, at 22:12, Petr Tsatsin wrote:

> Hi,
> Recently my allocation on qb has been changed. So, I changed allocation in defs.local.ini to a new one. However when i tried to submit a job my old allocation has been used in a submitscript instead. How can I fix this?

If you edit a submit script, simfactory does not use the changed version.  You have to find out the name of the script and do

	sim build <config> --scriptfile <scriptname>

i.e. you need to explicitly give the scriptfile name and rebuild the configuration (this should be fast as nothing else needs rebuilding). SimFactory considers the submit script to be a part of the Cactus configuration, so you need to build the configuration to change the submit script.  We had some discussion in the past about changing this so that the submit script was treated just like any other source file, and the new version would be used automatically if it was changed, but this was never implemented.

Ian Hinder

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