[Users] Carpet moving grids

Petr Tsatsin ptsatsin at fau.edu
Mon Jan 16 17:03:44 CST 2012

Hello ,
I'm trying to test a new version of my thorn which sets up initial data for
moving neutron star. And I have couple questions about the Carpet moving
grids. I was wondering if you could help answer it or suggest some recent
documentation for Carpet which I can refer to? The question is simple: How
to move grids in case of the moving neutron star? By looking at bbh
parameter file I understood that Carpet gets information about position of
the puncture from puncture tracker. Is there any trons which is providing
this information in case of a neutron star or I have to write some thorn
which is actually will track a center of the neutron star or its surface?
Thank you!

Petr Tsatsin
Graduate Student - Department of Physics
Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
Florida Atlantic University
cell: 561-692-2040
ptsatin at fau.edu, ptsatsin at gmail.com
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