[Users] How I got Visit 2.4.2 & CarpetHDF5 to work on Mac OS X Lion

Scott Hawley scott.hawley at belmont.edu
Mon May 14 16:23:03 CDT 2012

Here's what I did:

1. Downloaded the 64-bit binary of Visit 2.4.2 from the Visit web site
2. Downloaded the CarpetHDF directory via svn.
3. Downloaded hdf5-1.8.9 source via ftp.  I just put it in the CarpetHDF5
directory.  Did a make and make installŠ.
    "HDF5 Directory" is then .../hdf5-1.8.9/hdf5/ (see below)
4. Made sure "Remote Login" is enabled under "Sharing" in "System
Preferences".  Visit uses this.
    Went ahead and did a "ssh localhost" just to make sure. I was actually
prompted to confirm an address because I'm on LSU's network right now.
    (Presumably Visit needs a clean login with no pesky questions or
password prompts.)
5. Created symbolic links in /usr/lib to whichever MPI libraries I planned
to use.  
   Older versions of OS X had native MPI support, and this is hard coded
in the binary you get from the visit site.
    I use OpenMPI and MacPorts, so I went to /usr/lib and did "sudo ln -s
/opt/local/lib/libmpi* ."
6. Deleted my ~/.visit directory entirely.  This may not be necessary.
7. Went in the CarpetHDF5 and ran ./install and Šbasically just did what
was in the readme, that is:
  in the xmledit window, clicked on "Cmake" and then updated the flags, as
  Saved and closed the window, let it do its thing...
8. Ran visit from the command line, using the -noconfig option.   The
latest version of Visit has a problem with "localhost" on Mac, for some
visit -noconfig

..and then visit came up, I opened a .h5 file and was able to do all the
usual things with it!

Good luck!

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