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Scott Hawley scott.hawley at belmont.edu
Wed May 16 15:33:18 CDT 2012

I finished installing on betazoid here at CCT.  Here's a complete log.  I used Barry's config file, but also put in many additional notes:

% cat install_notes.txt

- OS X 10.7.4

I. Xcode:
-Xcode:  cf.  http://guide.macports.org/chunked/installing.xcode.html
- XCode from App Store (free).  Current version is 4.3.2, but apparently 3.2.6 was already installed.  MacPorts (next) was detecting the 3.2.6 version and refused to run.  Had to go into /Applications and run
% open -a Xcode
which brought up 4.3.2, with some installation dialog boxes.   After that, since /Developer was used for previous versions but not anymore, did a
% sudo mv /Developer /Developer.O
Also had to run
% sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer
Then add the command line tools: Run Xcode, go to Preferences > Downloads

II. MacPorts:
- MacPorts binary package from MacPorts website

- Optinal: Pallet:  (also a good test to see if MacPorts is set up properly)
% sudo port install pallet
...and say yes to install Java runtime.  Pallet then appears in the /Applications directory, or can be run from command line via % open -a pallet
(This Mac's filesystem is case-insensitive btw)
  Pallet doesn't actually work well on Lion for installing packages, but can be useful to get a quick list of packages.  Installation of other packages should still be done using "port" command.

- add /opt/local/bin to PATH.

III. MacPorts Packages
- Following Barry Wardell's notes, adding the revision control packages:
% sudo port install szip gcc46 fftw fftw-3 gsl openssl hdf5-18 +gcc46 -universal zlib openmpi +gcc46 mercurial git-core subversion cvs

IV. Einstein Toolkit (ETK)
- Downloaded ETK as per Wiki Download page.  Used current development version
- Built via simfactory (because I wanted to learn how to do that):
   Created a simple machine file: ~Cactus/simfactory/mdb/machines/betazoid.ini  based on Peter's file for his laptop
 - In betazoid.ini,  referenced Barry's   osx-lion-macports-gcc.cfg file
Then built:
 % cd ~/Cactus; simfactory/bin/sim build etk --thornlist=thornlists/einsteintoolkit.th

- Ran qc0-mclachlan:
Optional: Use OpenMP:
  % setenv OMP_NUM_THREADS 4
% cd ~/Cactus/par;  ../exe/cactus_etk qc0-mclachlan.par
I changed cctk_final_time to 1.0 instead of 100.0 so the thing would finish quickly...  Should have set it to 0.25!

V.  Visit & CarpetHDF5
- Installed 64-bit Mac binary package of Visit 2.4.2 from Visit website.
- Downloaded CarpetHDF5 as per website
% cd ~; svn co https://svn.cactuscode.org/VizTools/CarpetHDF5/trunk/ CarpetHDF5
% cd ~/CarpetHDF5
% setenv PATH "/Applications/VisIt.app/Contents/Resources/bin/ $PATH"   // I use tcsh :-)

- Need to get Cmake:
% sudo port install cmake

- And since the binary of Visit expects various libraries in /usr/lib/, we do
%  sudo ln -s /opt/local/lib/libmpi*  /opt/local/lib/libopen-rte.*  /opt/local/lib/libopen-pal.* /usr/lib
..Feel free to compile Visit from source if you want to skip this step...

- Then run the install script
% ./install
Note that the window appears *under* the terminal window you're using!
Click the CMake tab, and set
CXXFLAGS = -I/Applications/VisIt.app/Contents/Resources/2.4.2/darwin-x86_64/include -I/opt/local/include
LDFLAGS = -L/Applications/VisIt.app/Contents/Resources/2.4.2/darwin-x86_64/lib -L/opt/local/lib

- Saved the file, quit xmledit and the plugin builds!

- Run visit with the -noconfig option.
% cd ~/Cactus/par/qc0-mclachlan/; visit -noconfig

- Choose, e.g dambase::lapse.h5
It Works! :-)

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