[Users] param.ccl: accessing non-restricted variables of another thorn?

Scott Hawley scott.hawley at belmont.edu
Mon May 21 14:12:58 CDT 2012

Hi, in my thorn I want to "share" variables from thorn ADMMass, e.g.

I already have INHERITS: ADMMass in my interface.ccl file.

I've been reading
Šbut am still having trouble implementing this:

In param.ccl, I've tried "SHARES: ADMMass", but then I get an error

CST error 1:
  -> Thorn "TexMEx" attempted to EXTEND or USE non-restricted parameter
"ADMMass_number" from implementation "ADMMASS"

If I take out the USES, then I get

c:19:41: fatal error: ParameterCRestrictedADMMASS.h: No such file or

If I take out the SHARES, and just try to reference
ADMMass::ADMMass_number in my initital.cc code, e.g.,

fprintf(log_file," ADMMass_number = %d\n", ADMMass::ADMMass_number);

, then I get the error:

/Users/shawley/Cactus/configs/texmex/build/TexMEx/initial.cc: In function
'void TexMEx_initial(cGH*)':
error: 'ADMMass' has not been declared

Can someone set me straight on this?


Also if I try "INHERITS: ADMMass", I get
CST error 1:
  -> Unknown line in param.ccl for thorn TexMEx "INHERITS: ADMMass"

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