[Users] TwoPunctures fast spectral interpolation routine

Frank Loeffler knarf at cct.lsu.edu
Tue Apr 2 20:56:20 CDT 2013

On Tue, Apr 02, 2013 at 07:08:49PM -0500, Vasileios Paschalidis wrote:
> We have made our fast spectral interpolation routine for the
> TwoPunctures code publicly available.

> Our arXiv note contains a brief description of the routine, a
> demonstration of its high performance and accuracy, as well as a set of
> detailed instructions for installing this routine in the standalone
> TwoPunctures code as well as the ET thorn.

> We hope that this new routine will be useful to the ET community.

Dear Vasileios et al

I am sure this will find interest within the ET community. In order to
be of most use however, it would be best to integrate your changes into
the official TwoPunctures thorn directly.

Would you be interested to prepare a patch (against the development
version of TwoPunctures) and would you also be willing to maintain this
part of the code - which means to fix bugs should there be some, to
respond to questions about it and in general to fell responsible for it?

The recommended way to start this would be to open a ticket at
https://trac.einsteintoolkit.org/wiki , pointing to the arXiv note as
description (no need to describe everything all over again) and to attach
the patch there.

Frank Löffler

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