[Users] Meeting Minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Dec 9 12:23:08 CST 2013

Present: Frank, Roland, Roberto de Pietri, Peter, Ian, Vassili, Ian, Erik

Synchronization after restrict:
* present in Carpet trunk between September and Dec 6th
* included in Noether release
* incorrect data appears (in the tests that were done) on coarse grids
in locations that are overlapping the twice refined fine grid, required
3 refinement levels to show up in tests
* will backport to release, Ian to draft email based on the one already
send to mailing list
* still incorrect for higher level restriction (only usable with cell
centering, not on by default)

Retiring thorns policy:
* the ET thornlist should only contain thorns that are supported and
actively maintained
* require public policy/procedure how to retire a thorn/parameter
* want to model procedure to retire thorns after procedure for parameters
* current draft:
* thorns ADM and LegoExcision have been deprecated since ET_2012_05

* remove testsuites using Exact for which we have an EinsteinExact
equivalent. Ian points out that for many but not all of these we
verified that the Exact results converge (at the proper order) to the
EinsteinExact results

* Ian has filed a ticket for the failing CarpetInterp/waveinterp_1p
tests, test has been newly activated, we do not have a passing revision.
Not obvious where errors are coming from.

* Ian updated the Jenkins mailer to include information on which tests
changed in the emails, this may cause some incorrect emails until the
scripts that drive this have been fully debugged

Topics for next call:
* subversion to git transition:
** high level: why? what do we want to achieve?
** low level: how do we do it?
* sources in ExternalLibraries:
** what to we want to achieve? (reduce executable size? link time?
download time?)
** how do we want to achieve it?


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