[Users] Meeting Minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Dec 16 15:12:32 CST 2013

Present: Frank, Roland, Peter, Varadarajan Parthasarathy, Ian, Barry,

svn to git transition:
* three hosting options considered:
** GitHub
** BitBucket
** self-hosted using gitlab
* arguments for GitHub/BitBucket (both seem about equal as far as
offered features go):
** larger hosting infrastructure, hopefully with high reliability, ssl
certificate management
** larger user based, familiarity of users with hosting service
** both offer APIs for scripted access (Ian and Barry have experience
with BitBucket and GitHub)
** create EinsteinToolkit "Team" to manage large number of repositories
* arguments for self-hosting
** full control
** easier to automate repository operations
** easier to integrate ticketing system on a per-toolkit basis
** branding of URL with "our" name
* Ian will send around the access information for his test repositories
* Frank had send out URL for self-hosted checkout of GRHydro: git clone

External libraries size issues:
* all want to reduce link time
* executable size, CactusJar size reduction welcomed by all
* Ian would like to reduce overall repository size for machines with
tight quotas on $HOME
* will implement the following scheme using Boost as a testing ground:
** ExternalLibraries no longer contain source tarball
** if at build time they detect that they need to compile from source,
they will download the tarball (if not already there) into a Cactus-tree
wide cache directory
** these source tarballs will not be part of Formaline tarball, however
the actual ExtenalLibraries thorn (ie patches, configures.sh, an thus
the exact URL used to download the tarball) source is part of the
Formaline tarball. This ensures that the code can be recompiled in the
future using only information from the Formaline tarball

Retiring thorns:
* will remove LegoExcision since it has been deprecated and announced to
be removed in the past
* clarify wiki to clearly specify that the deprecation notice should
state that "the thorn will be removed in one of the future releases
without further notice"

Next call:
We will not have a phone call next week (Dec 23rd, not on Dec 30th). The
next ET phone call will be Jan 6th 2014 at the usual time.


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