[Users] McLachlan crash

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Feb 11 19:07:36 CST 2013

Hello Vassilios,

> as mentioned earlier in the ET phone call, i have attached the par file
> used in the run...
> i tried checking for the nans in the output, but the last hdf5 output was
> too many iterations earlier and they aren't visible in 1D ascii output
> either
> as said, the puncture tracker actually aborted the run, not the nan
> checker...
Thank you for the parameter file. As a unsubstantiated guess, I would
try what happens if you move the outer boundary further out. Right now
it sits at 50M which I would find uncomfortably close if there is any
say "junk" radiation (eg from setting up a BH with spin in flat
background) present. I'd move it to at least 200M (ie two more levels of
mesh refinement). Not sure how likely this explanation is since your
NaNs appear after many (9) light crossing times.


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