[Users] strong scaling tests on Stampede (TACC)

Roland Haas rhaas at tapir.caltech.edu
Thu Feb 21 23:24:44 CST 2013

Hello all,

> On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 07:52:06PM -0800, Roland Haas wrote:
>> So CarpetIOHDF5's 1d output would be expected to be faster than
>> CarpetIOASCII's? Interesting, I had thought them both to be very similar
>> as far as sending around data for proc0 to write was concerned. If that
>> is the case then it is the actual IO routines in the thorns that behave
>> so differently.
> I was under the impression that CarpetIOASCII does not send any data
> around. Each process writes to the file, one after the other.
That would be truly horrible I agree. Looking at the code, it does not
seem to do so anymore. At least there are instances of "proc == ioproc"
and CarpetLib's copy_from.


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