[Users] Bad Links: tools OpenDx import links

David Bradley kb9qhd at charter.net
Fri Feb 22 21:10:50 CST 2013

I have been trying to download from the tools page
the following is the results:

1. http://www.einsteintoolkit.org
2. http://cactuscode.org/documentation/visualization/
   clicked on OpenDx,
3. http://cactuscode.org/documentation/visualization/openDX/
     beneath the two graphics was a section
	OpenDXutils Package
     with several enumeration paragraphs like
	1. importHDF5
4. Each of them resulted in :


	Page Not Found - Error 404

	Apologies, no page exists at this address.

	Please let the Cactus team know if there's a bad internal link somewhere.

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