[Users] Meeting Minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Jun 10 12:50:46 CDT 2013

Present: Vassili, Peter, Erik, Ian, Philipp, Yosef

* goals for next release
** suggestion: improve scaling and performance of (hydro) code
** start discussion on mailing list

* multi-line error messages
** suggestion that write(,) with proper unit numbers might be workable
** Fortran 2003 defines standard module ISO_FORTRAN_ENV which defines
the error and output unit numbers. Seems to exist on ifort and gfortran
(starting from 4.6)

* performance improvement goals for workshop
** single processor speed improvements
** speed up GRHydro
** consider using OpenCL for at least some tests
** scaling and load balancing of Hydro code compared to vacuum code
** improve restriction and prolongation scheduling and communication

* hangs on stampede
** Yosef tested with and without the parity symmetry thorn
** there are two failure modes and both are seen by Yosef even when not
using the thorn

* M_PI not defined by default in c99
* M_PI not defined in c99. Defined by C++ and OpenCL, usually can be
made accessible by special compiler options.
** possible solutions:
*** check in autoconf that M_PI is defined and abort if not
*** define M_PI if not defined
*** add CFLAGS options in Cactus' configure stage, requires most likely
a new option BASE_CFLAGS to let users override the Cactus default.
Provide only support for common (intel, gcc) compilers only.
** the last solution (CLAGS set by Cactus' configure stage) is the
preferred method right now

* misc
** feature request to have CarpetRegrid2 check that its grid scalars are
consistent on all processes


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