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Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
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Hello all,

On 2013-06-10 10:50, Roland Haas wrote:
> Present: Vassili, Peter, Erik, Ian, Philipp, Yosef
I forgot to put into the minutes that there was also the suggestion of
moving to a different conferencing system other than the current one
(eg a web based one offering chats and/or screen sharing). No
consensus was reached. If possible I would however very much like to
avoid using WebCT until the company has fixed their compatibility
issues with 64-bit linux installations. Currently one has to install a
32bit copy of java and a browser to make it work under linux. We tried
this once for Christian Reisswig's seminar talk and it was rather
difficult. Once these issues are fixed, the system seems quite nice.
The big advantage (over other, open-source solutions) would be that it
should allow phone-line call-ins out of the box. An alternative
web-only solution is to use the BigBlueButton server that Frank
Loeffler runs at http://bbb.cct.lsu.edu/demo/ET.jsp However I find the
chat function there to be not so great. Screen sharing works but only
one person can share her screen. Finally calling in from a phone is
not possible out-of-the-box (though possibly LSU can do something
about that).


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