[Users] Simfactory/Mojave: machine name error

Scott Hawley scott.hawley at belmont.edu
Thu Jun 13 13:57:09 CDT 2013

Ok, this is pretty low-priority.  Working around it no big deal, but it would be nice to have things configured so this didn't come up:

I'm at a coffee shop and for some reason simfactory is pulling a weird machine name based on the local subnet. Never seen this before.
I'm building from within Eclipse using Mojave.  Here's the console log from Mojave->Build...

/usr/bin/python simfactory/lib/sim.py build --mdbkey=make -j 1 --verbose bruiser --thornlist /Users/shawley/ThornLists/ThornListBruiser --optionlist /Users/shawley/options.bruiser.mac
IN DIRECTORY: /Users/shawley/Cactus
Unknown machine name provision.forbidden.wifi-zones.com<http://provision.forbidden.wifi-zones.com>
Error: Unknown local machine provision.forbidden.wifi-zones.com<http://provision.forbidden.wifi-zones.com>. Please use 'sim setup' to create a local machine entry from the generic template.
Aborting Simfactory.

But when I check my environment I can't find any reference to said machine.  Mojave->Env  yields
% env

In fact there's no reference to that domain...
% env | grep wifi


And my machine name file is there
% ls ~/Cactus/simfactory/mdb/machines/provision.ini

Any suggestions for a solution that works automatically, all the time?
For now I just turned my wifi off and it works fine...

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