[Users] OpenMP collapse directive disabled for C, but enabled for Fortran -- likely an error in the option list

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Sat Jun 15 13:19:06 CDT 2013

Hello Jakob,

> ~/Cactus/configs/parboil/config-data/cctk_Config.h(220): warning #2011:
> predefined meaning of "_Pragma" discarded
>   #  define _Pragma(x)
>             ^
> ~/Cactus/arrangements/CactusBase/CoordBase/src/Domain.c(455): error:
> expected an expression
>     for (int d=0; d<2*dim; ++d) {
>          ^
These sound as if you are not using C99 but C89. For the intel compiler
you will have to add

-std=c99 -ansi_alias -U__STRICT_ANSI__

to CFLAGS. You can use the file
simfactory/mdb/optionslists/queenbee-mvapich2.cfg as a template for your
own option list. It also uses the intel 11 compiler.


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