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Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Fri Feb 7 13:01:08 CST 2014

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Hello all,

I have the vague feeling that I have asked that before, but cannot
find an actual discussion on this: should the @ENV(FOO)@ functionality
in simfactory currently be usable? There is some code (in the
ParseEnvCommands function) that would seem to handle it but from doing
a grep on that function name, it does not actually seem to ever be
called from within the simfactory main code.

I tried the attached (incorrect if Cactus was to actually parse it but
we don't get that far) par file. Which tries various methods to get
simfactory to expand @ENV(USER)@ into rhaas (in my case...) before
handing the parfile to Cactus. However this does not happen and the
strings all stay unexpanded.

Does anyone remember if @ENV(FOO)@ should work right now?

I do realize that I could either use Cactus' build in $ENV{FOO} to get
the parfile parser to resolve the variable, but that requires that I
pass the variable to the compute node and the PBS scripts in
simfactory don't do that (I don't really want $USER but
$LORENE_DATA_DIR). I could also use an rpar file (ie a python/perl
script) and do the string manipulations in there, but if possible I'd
limit the number of layers of modifications done to the script and
stick to "stock options" since this is for an example parfile.


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Cactus::cctk_run_title = "@ENV(USER)@ "
Cactus::cctk_run_title = "@ENV(USER)@"
Cactus::cctk_run_title = @ENV(USER)@
Cactus::cctk_run_title = @ENV(USER)@ # foo
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