[Users] Meeting Minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Feb 10 11:07:03 CST 2014

Present: Peter, Steve, Roland, Erik, Josh, Matt, Philipp

* Erik, Ian and Barry are working on simfactory 3 which modularizes
simfactory and includes facilities to build ExternalLibraries outside of
** downloads source code of external libraries only when required
** contact Ian Hinder for access to source code
** Steve asked if the modules in simfactory would be useful as a basis
to replace the main Cactus make file with a script
** Erik said that so far simfactory 3 treats Cactus as a black box

* Caltech would like to extend our EOS interface to handle more complex
EOS that take an extra independent variable (describing the nuclear
** it is suggested to leave the current EOS calls in place and to add a
new set eg including Abar in the new function names
** possibly forward the "old" calls to the new ones, passing NULL for
the extra argument
** Fortran callability may be sacrificed in the initial implementation

* currently bluewaters shows a significant regression in run speed that
even occurs when using an old executable. The seems possibly related to
an update of the MPI stack. Philipp is working with Bluewaters support
to fix this. Bluewaters is aware of the problem and Cactus is not the
only code affected.


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