[Users] CarpetReduce: Formerly working par file now yields 'Simulation domain volume and reduction weight sum differ'

Scott Hawley scott.hawley at belmont.edu
Mon Mar 24 10:28:41 CDT 2014


Just a late follow-up:

> Unless you use an excision mask, you should not ever see this error.

I am using an excision mask.

If I change revlevels to 1, then the error goes away.  But yes, as you
say, this grid configuration was deemed necessary for multigrid work.

I've noticed that the warning is "non-critical" -- i.e. the simulation
seems to proceed fine despite this message.  I probably just never noticed
the warning before, but have noticed it recently now that I'm using Mojave
which colors such messages in red. :-)


On 1/28/14 6:22 PM, "Roland Haas" <roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu> wrote:

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>Hello Scott,
>> Making that change didn't affect the error. You're off the hook.
>> ;-)
>'Simulation domain volume and reduction weight sum differ' is a
>diagnostic warning that CarpetReduce produces when it thinks that the
>volume of the non-excised grid points is incorrectly computed. Unless
>you use an excision mask, you should not ever see this error. We have
>however in the past had problems with getting the test to work
>correctly. Basically it is non-trivial to keep track of how much of
>the grid volume ought to be removed for each masked point. Since you
>are not using CarpetMask I would suspect that CarpetRegrid created a
>grid that is considered incorrect. The grid may be incorrect or
>Carpet's test. Looking at your parfile you seem to overlay the
>coarsest level with two more refined levels of the same size but
>higher resolution. This is "unusal" in that evolution runs would not
>use this (though I see what for a MG solver this may be needed). So my
>first test would be to reduce the number of reflevels to 1 (coarse
>only) and see if this works. Then add one level but reduce its size to
>half that of coarse one. If this fails, I'd increase the resolution to
>have more than 12 cells present to see if the grids are too small.
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