[Users] Meeting Minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Mar 24 13:29:12 CDT 2014

Present: Frank, Roland, Ian, Erik, Zach, Peter, Barry, Matt, Matt Turk,
Sam Skillman

yt frontend to read Carpet HDF5 files:
* Sam Skillman was visiting Caltech and started to work on adding a
CarpetHDF5 reader to yt (http://yt-project.org/). On the Caltech side
Sherwood Richers (did the actual work) and Roland Haas were involved.
Sam's reader is making good progress and the hope is to have a beta
version ready by the end of the (ongoing yt) workshop. An email asking
for beta testing and including download instructions will be send to
users at cactuscode.org once the beta is ready.
* Erik described his efforts to define an API to write/read the datasets
to allow changes to the on-desk dataset
* this would be well suited to yt but is currently not the mainstream
data format

transition to git:
* different proposals were made on how to best organize the thorns into
git repositories
* we will proceed with the "few repositories" option and use a layout
where there is one repository per arrangement (except for exceptional
cases like eg Kranc) with the ultimate goal of being able to check out
directly into arrangements when possible (ie no more symbolic links)
* this will include the uncontroversial arrangements CactusBase,
CactusConnect as well as EinsteinEvolve
* we will
* we will also re-arrange some thorns that are currently (for historical
reasons) in "unexpected" repositories. This includes some thorns in
AEIThorns as well as eg TATPetsc
* we will proceed with this right away without adapting GetComponents
* try to have all transitions (svn->git, single repo per arrangement) in
a single release
* Ian and Frank to work on conversion script from svn to git


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