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Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Mar 24 18:07:35 CDT 2014

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Hello Frank, Ian,

> Ok, then we need to discuss this, either here or/and at the call
> next week.
According to the minutes from 2013-12-16 a decision was reached:
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External libraries size issues:
* all want to reduce link time
* executable size, CactusJar size reduction welcomed by all
* Ian would like to reduce overall repository size for machines with
tight quotas on $HOME
* will implement the following scheme using Boost as a testing ground:
** ExternalLibraries no longer contain source tarball
** if at build time they detect that they need to compile from source,
they will download the tarball (if not already there) into a Cactus-tree
wide cache directory
** these source tarballs will not be part of Formaline tarball, however
the actual ExtenalLibraries thorn (ie patches, configures.sh, an thus
the exact URL used to download the tarball) source is part of the
Formaline tarball. This ensures that the code can be recompiled in the
future using only information from the Formaline tarball
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This is on the mailing list archive
(is there any progress on  ticket 719
https://trac.einsteintoolkit.org/ticket/719 ?).

What is not in the notes is that Ian also desired a way to force it to
download so that for cluster where no network connection (or git) is
available at build time (or preparing for a flight) one can force
download on ones laptop then use simfactory to sync the tarballs.
It was actually proposed to try this for a thorn to see how this works
after which we got sidetracked discussing boost's build system.

In the end Ian and Frank actually agreed on a scheme (mostly following
Ian's suggestions). Someone would have to test it though. Otherwise I
would not want to open that particular can of worms again.


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