[Users] Meeting Minutes for 2014-11-03

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Tue Nov 4 02:35:31 CST 2014

Hello all,

It's actually worse than that. TACC's petsc module is linked against
their phdf5 library (but the module does not require it so module load
petsc does not automatically pull it in or complain if a conflicting
version is loaded), ie:

rhaas at login4:~/work/ET_trunk/simfactory$ module list
Currently Loaded Modules:
1) TACC-paths 3) cluster-paths 5) cluster 7) intel/
9) petsc/3.5
2) Linux      4) xalt/0.4.6    6) TACC    8) mvapich2/1.9a2
10) papi/5.3.0 (m)

rhaas at login4:~/work/ET_trunk/simfactory$ ldd
$TACC_PETSC_LIB/libpetsc.so.3.5 | grep hdf5
        libhdf5_fortran.so.7 =>
        libhdf5_hl.so.7 =>
        libhdf5.so.7 =>
        libsz.so.2 =>

so of
> (a) disable petsc
> (b) use the phdf5 module (this can be annoying since then every utility
> that uses hdf5 uses ibrun and creates a unique ibrun/slurm control file
> in $HOME/.slurm that is *not* ever deleted and can lead to quota
> violations due to number of files in $HOME)
> (c) check our own compiled HDF5 to make sure it builds the parallel
> version if requested (no option to request this exists yet)
> (d) (if this is possible) build our own petsc without parallel hdf5 support
(c) is no longer viable since there'd be a comflict between the version
petsc was compiled with and our hdf5 version (even if we can get the
dynamic linker to use "our" version which we don't want to since we don
not want to build dynamic libraries).


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