[Users] Build server fails

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Nov 10 01:26:55 CST 2014

Hello all,

> The commit message lists all new commits to ET repositories in each build,
> so I think those are indeed the only changes to the ET code between
> revisions. The error is most likely unrelated to the changes in the
> commits. The last successful build (#322) was done on the CCT build slave,
> as were all of the previous successful builds I checked. The two most
> recent builds, however, were done on the Caltech slave (since the CCT
> machine is temporarily offline) and both of those failed. So I guess there
> must be some problem with the Caltech build slave.
The Caltech slave will currently always fail since it was updated to
Ubuntu 14.04 but the simfactory option list that the build system uses
does not work with this version of Ubuntu (since the mpich include files
moved). I can switch back the slave to the "old" Ubuntu version (there's
a snapshot of the virtual machine for this reason). I cannot I think
update the option list used in simfactory.

> I have now temporarily disabled the Caltech build slave until someone can
> fix the problem. Builds will now happen on the Perimeter slave, assuming
> that is functioning correctly.
Thank you.


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