[Users] SSL_DIR in simfactory option lists

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Wed Nov 26 10:44:03 CST 2014

Hello Erik, all,

> No, there is only OPENSSL_DIR.
Ok. Thank you for reassuring me.

> Only options listed under OPTIONS are visible to thorns.
Right, I just fixed such an issue in libjpeg :-).

> Just changing it may break things -- please test it before committing.
True enough, this could be quite disruptive. Well, one option would be
that I *remove* all SSL_DIRs since they were not used anyway. This would
certainly not break anything since nothing would change, however I
suspect that really OPENSSL_DIR was the intended option to be set.

The affected option lists are for Carver, Tesla, Varia, and the MacOS
options (macports and homebrew). I can only test OSX Homebrew (Yosemite)
since I have no access to the other machines (or OS versions).

I have pushed the remainder into a branch rhaas/OPENSSL_DIR and create a
pull request and ticket in case someone with access to Tesla, Carver,
Varia wants to test this. Ticket is:



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