[Users] Einstein Toolkit Meeting Reminder

Eloisa Bentivegna eloisa.bentivegna at ct.infn.it
Thu Dec 3 03:59:14 CST 2015

On 02/12/15 22:03, Erik Schnetter wrote:
> Eloisa
> I ran these tests on these machines. The results are displayed at
> <https://build.barrywardell.net/view/EinsteinToolkitMulti/job/EinsteinToolkitReport-sandbox/>.
> Please ignore all results that have "Calpha" or "Cbeta" prefixes;
> "Crelease" results are for the release branch, while the master branch
> has no prefix.
> I did not look at the results yet. I submitted the runs, which then
> upload their results automatically.

Thanks, Erik!

In some cases, there seems to be a difference in how gridfunctions are
prolongated. Could I ask you to send me one of the output files obtained
on zwicky, say admbase-curv.d.asc?


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