[Users] Can VisIt handle names of vector grid functions?

Bernard Kelly physicsbeany at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 15:37:32 CST 2015

Hi all. I looked for VisIt-related queries, but couldn't see a good
match for this issue:

I'm trying to visualize (Pseudocolor) a grid function output in 2D by
CarpetIOHDF5. I've done this many times for scalar grid functions in
the recent past, and it's worked fine. However, now the field I'm
looking at is one of the components of (HydroBase::vel) , and it's
giving me problems.

Data read-in, Add -> Pseudocolor, and Operators -> Project generate no
error messages. However, when I click on "Draw"., I get the error:
Pseudocolor: ()
viewer: An invalid variable (HYDROBASE--vel[0]) was specified

This is the only time I've tried to plot a *vector* grid function
component. Most other GF groups (those in ADMBase, for instance) work
as three *scalar* grid functions, and I've had no problem with their
components in VisIt.

Do you have any ideas what's going wrong? Is VisIt being confused by
the "[0]" in the variable name in the HDF5 metadata?

I've tried this with all components in one HDF5 file
(one_file_per_group = "yes") and in separate files, with no

I've also tried making a new, simpler-named variable using Controls ->
Expressions, but VisIt then complains when trying to select this data
at the "Add -> Pseudocolor" stage.

[My VisIt version is 2.8.2, and I'm still working with ET release ET_2014_05.]



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